Interface BinarySecurityToken

All Superinterfaces:
SecurityToken, weblogic.xml.dom.marshal.WLDOMStructure, weblogic.xml.crypto.api.XMLStructure

public interface BinarySecurityToken
extends SecurityToken

Method Summary
 X509Certificate getCertificate()
          Returns the X509Certificate of this BinarySecurityToken.
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.xml.crypto.wss.provider.SecurityToken
getCredential, getId, getPrivateKey, getPublicKey, getSecretKey, getValueType, setId
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.xml.dom.marshal.WLDOMStructure
marshal, unmarshal
Methods inherited from interface weblogic.xml.crypto.api.XMLStructure

Method Detail


X509Certificate getCertificate()
Returns the X509Certificate of this BinarySecurityToken. If type is a certificate path type, this returns the end certificate.

The X509Certificate.

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