Interface CustomSchema

public interface CustomSchema

The interface CustomSchema allows a programmatic way to provide a custom schema for a given Java type. During the schema generation process, if the deserializer object for a given Java type implements CustomSchema, then the schema returned by the getSchema method will be merged or inserted into the generated schema for the given type. Note that everything from the returned schema will be inserted, possibly overwriting existing schema definitions.

Method Summary
 Reader getSchema(QName xmlType, String javatype)
          Return a complete XML Schema (version describing a type or set of types.

Method Detail


Reader getSchema(QName xmlType,
                 String javatype)
Return a complete XML Schema (version describing a type or set of types. The returned schema must be a complete XML document conforming to the 2001 XML Schema specification.

xmlType - the name of the XML type
javatype - the class name of the Java type (Class.getName() format)
a Reader containing a complete XML Schema

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