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Packages that use SerializationException
weblogic.webservice.encoding Deprecated. Provides classes for weblogic.webservice.encoding. 
weblogic.xml.schema.binding Provides a framework for defining a data binding between XML Schema types and Java types. 

Uses of SerializationException in weblogic.webservice.encoding

Methods in weblogic.webservice.encoding that throw SerializationException
 void SOAPElementCodec.serialize(Object obj, XMLName name, XMLOutputStream writer, SerializationContext context)
 void AttachmentCodec.serialize(Object obj, XMLName name, XMLOutputStream writer, SerializationContext context)

Uses of SerializationException in weblogic.xml.schema.binding

Methods in weblogic.xml.schema.binding that throw SerializationException
 void Serializer.serialize(Object obj, XMLName name, XMLOutputStream writer, SerializationContext context)
          Write the given Object to an XMLOutputSteam, using the information described in the mapping, using the name parameter as the name of the resulting element.

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