Release Notes

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What’s New in WebLogic Server

Administration Console

New Look and Feel

New Console Configuration Features

Optional Domain Locking via the Change Center

On-Demand Deployment

Optional Confirmation Pages

Configuration Search

Improved Performance and Behavior

New and Updated Console Pages

Security Configuration

Server Control


Web Services

Console Extension Management

Spring Applications

Changes to Core Console Extensions

Changes and Enhancements for Developing Console Extensions

Portal Look and Feel Specifics

New Sample Look and Feel Files

Miscellaneous Console Extension Updates

Providing Online Help for an Extension

Core Server

Sun JDK 1.6 Support

WebLogic JarBuilder Enhancements


FastSwap Deployment

On-demand Deployment

Generic Overrides


Harvester Enhancements

Harvesting of nested complex attributes and collections

ObjectName Pattern Matching

Harvesting from the DomainRuntime MBeanServer

Watch Enhancements

Complex Attribute Support

Wildcard Support

Namespace Support

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Version 3.0

Management Configuration

Persistence Configuration

Integration of kodoc into appc

WebLogic Kodo MBeans

WebLogic Kodo Annotations

Dynamic Descriptor Elements



Fine-Grained Installation Options

Net Installer

Lightweight Runtime with Optional Service Startup


JDBC 4.0 Support

Updated WebLogic Type 4 JDBC Drivers

Changes for All Drivers

Changes for the DB2 Driver

Changes for the Informix Driver

Changes for the Oracle Driver

Changes for the SQL Server Driver

Changes for the Sybase Driver

Oracle 11g RAC Support



Automatic Migration of Messaging/JMS-Related Services

WebLogic JMS .NET Client

Migration and Clustering


SAML 2.0 and SAML Token Profile 1.1 Support

SAML 2.0 Components

SAML 2.0 Security Providers

SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On Services

Web Services Security SAML Token Profile 1.1

RDBMS Security Store

Supported RDBMS Systems

RDBMS Security Store Configuration

Use of RDBMS Security Store with SAML 2.0 Services

Password Validation Provider


Spring extension DI and AOP for WLS

Spring Console

WebLogic Spring Security Integration

Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs

HTTP Publish-Subscribe Server

WLS Servlet Container Debugging Enhancements

Disabling Access Logging

Debugging a Specific Session

Tracking Request Handle Footprint

Application Container Enhancements

Version-independent Namespace

Comprehensive Deployment Descriptor View

External Diagnostics Descriptor

WebLogic Descriptor Modularization

Performance Enhancements

Allowing Administration Channel Traffic

Disabling Access Logging

Using HTML Template Compression

Optimizing JSP Expressions

Improved File Session Performance

Removed Servlet Features

Web Services

Web Service Standards

JAX-WS Enhancements

WS-ReliableMessaging Enhancements

Smart Policy Selection

WS-Security Enhancements

Version Independent Policy

Optional Policy Assertion

Element-Level Security

SAML Token Profile

XML Catalog Support

Improved Interoperability With Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 3.0

WebLogic Web Services Documentation Set


WebLogic Tuxedo Connector


Deprecated Functionality

WebLogic Server Java Utilities

Oracle Type 4 JDBC Driver




Apache Beehive Support

Standards Support

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