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Class RulesType


public class RulesType
extends MarkupElement

This class encapsulated valid values for the RULE attribute, introduced by HTML 4.0 and supported by some browsers, that is used to describe how horizontal and vertical rules should be placed, particularly between cells of a table. Note that not all browsers support this attribute

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See Also:
TableElement.setFramework(weblogic.html.FrameType, weblogic.html.RulesType)

Field Summary
static RulesType all
          Deprecated. Places rules between all rows and all columns.
static RulesType cols
          Deprecated. Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus vertical rules between all columns.
static RulesType groups
          Deprecated. Places a horizontal rule between each row group and a vertical rule between each column group.
static RulesType none
          Deprecated. Renders no internal rulings.
static RulesType rows
          Deprecated. Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus horizontal rules between all rows.
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Constructor Summary
RulesType(java.lang.String str)
          Deprecated. Constructor.
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Field Detail


public static RulesType none
Renders no internal rulings.


public static RulesType groups
Places a horizontal rule between each row group and a vertical rule between each column group.


public static RulesType rows
Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus horizontal rules between all rows.


public static RulesType cols
Rulings like RulesType.groups, plus vertical rules between all columns.


public static RulesType all
Places rules between all rows and all columns.
Constructor Detail


public RulesType(java.lang.String str)

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