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Class ServletPage


public class ServletPage
extends HtmlPage

ServletPage objects are used with Java-enabled HTTP servers that support Java as a server scripting language, e.g., Netscape's Enterprise Server.

A ServletPage object has the same charateristics as an HtmlPage, except the HTTP header information is not produced when the output() methods are invoked.

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Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Constructs a ServletPage object.
ServletPage(Codeset codeset)
          Deprecated. Constructs a ServletPage with the specified codeset.
ServletPage(java.lang.String titlestr)
          Deprecated. Constructs a ServletPage with the specified title.
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Constructor Detail


public ServletPage()
Constructs a ServletPage object. After calling getHead() on the object, use the addElement() method to add a TITLE element to the page. The title element is the only page element required (HTML after 2.0).


public ServletPage(java.lang.String titlestr)
Constructs a ServletPage with the specified title.

titlestr - Title of page


public ServletPage(Codeset codeset)
Constructs a ServletPage with the specified codeset.

codeset - Codeset

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