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Class StrikeElement


public class StrikeElement
extends SinglePartElement

A StrikeElement is used to set the font attribute to a strike-through text style. Use a StrikeElement as the argument for any of the addElement() methods. You can also set an element to strike-through by using the asStrikeElement() method in the parent class HtmlElement. Examples of adding StrikeElements to an htmlKona page called "hp":

    hp.addElement(new StrikeElement(caption));
    hp.addElement(new StringElement("wrong way").asStrikeElement());
The HTML STRIKE element is deprecated in HTML 4.0 in favor of a more generic use of the STYLE element. htmlKona continues to support these HTML elements, but not all browsers may display them properly.

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Fields inherited from class weblogic.html.HtmlElement
codeset, useObsolete
Constructor Summary
          Deprecated. Constructs a StrikeElement.
StrikeElement(HtmlElement val)
          Deprecated. Constructs a StrikeElement with the specified HtmlElement.
StrikeElement(java.lang.String val)
          Deprecated. Constructs a StrikeElement with the specified string.
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.String getHtmlCode()
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getElement, printBody, printBody, printBody, setElement, setElement, widthAsLiteral
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addAttribute, addAttribute, escapeQuotes, getBooleanAttribute, getElementAttribute, getLocalVar, getQuotedAttribute, output, output, output, printBody, printCR, printEndingTag, setBooleanAttribute, setBooleanAttribute, setClass, setDirection, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setElementAttribute, setId, setLang, setLocalVar, setQuotedAttribute, setStyle
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Constructor Detail


public StrikeElement()
Constructs a StrikeElement.


public StrikeElement(java.lang.String val)
Constructs a StrikeElement with the specified string.

val - String to be strike-through text style


public StrikeElement(HtmlElement val)
Constructs a StrikeElement with the specified HtmlElement.

val - HtmlElement to be monospace font
Method Detail


protected java.lang.String getHtmlCode()

getHtmlCode in class ElementWithAttributes

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