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Class TextAlignType


public class TextAlignType
extends MarkupElement

A TextAlignType object is used to set the alignment for text, that is, for the text contents of an HtmlElement. The default is aligned left.

Use an AlignType object to set the alignment of HtmlElement objects.

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See Also:
DivElement, AlignType

Field Summary
static TextAlignType center
          Deprecated. Aligns text in the center.
static TextAlignType justify
          Deprecated. Justifies text where practical, otherwise gives the same effect as setting the align to 'left'.
static TextAlignType left
          Deprecated. Aligns text along the left margin.
static TextAlignType right
          Deprecated. Aligns text along the right margin.
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Constructor Summary
TextAlignType(java.lang.String str)
          Deprecated. Constructor.
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Field Detail


public static TextAlignType left
Aligns text along the left margin.


public static TextAlignType right
Aligns text along the right margin.


public static TextAlignType center
Aligns text in the center.


public static TextAlignType justify
Justifies text where practical, otherwise gives the same effect as setting the align to 'left'.
Constructor Detail


public TextAlignType(java.lang.String str)

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