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JMS Connection Factory --> Configuration --> Transactions

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This tab defines transaction configuration attributes for a JMS connection factory. After defining a JMS server, you can configure one or more connection factories to create connections with predefined attributes.


Configuring a JMS Connection Factory

Deploying a Connection Factory on Multiple Individual Servers

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Table 156-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints

Transaction Timeout

The timeout value (in seconds) for all transactions on transacted sessions created with this connection factory.

If a transacted session is still active after the timeout has elapsed, the transaction is rolled back. A value of 0 indicates that the default value will be used. If you have long-running transactions, you might want to adjust the value of this attribute to allow transactions to complete.

Note: This setting has no effect on the transaction-timeout for JTA user transactions.


Attribute: TransactionTimeout

Minimum: 0

Maximum: 2147483647

Default: 3600

Dynamic: yes

XA Connection Factory Enabled

Indicates whether a XA queue or XA topic connection factory is returned, instead of a queue or topic connection factory.

An XA factory is required for JMS applications to use JTA user-transactions, but is not required for transacted sessions. All connections created from an XA factory, whether they are XAConnections or plain Connections, become JTA user-transaction-aware.

Note: Transacted sessions ignore the current threads transaction context in favor of their own internal transaction, regardless of the setting. This setting only affects non-transacted sessions.


Attribute: XAConnectionFactoryEnabled

Default: false

Valid values:

  • true

  • false


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