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Active JMS Session Pools

This page displays all the active JMS session pools defined for a JMS server. Session pools enable an application to process messages concurrently. Once you have defined a JMS server, you can configure one or more session pools for each server, and then create connection consumers for those session pools.

Monitoring information for a JMS session pool is available only after you have targeted the JMS server to either an independent WebLogic Server instance or a migratable server target on the JMS --> Servers --> Target and Deploy tab.

Active JMS Session Pools Information

Name — Name of the session pool.

Server — Name of the associated JMS server.

Consumers — Current number of connection consumers in the session pool.

Consumers High — Greatest number of simultaneous connection consumers in the session pool since the last time the server was booted.

Consumers Total — Total number of connection consumers since the last time the server was booted.


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