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Server --> Control --> JMS Migration Config.

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This page allows you to limit the choices of the servers in a cluster to use as a backup for the server currently hosting the JMS server. For example, only certain servers in your cluster may have access to the persistent store for a JMS server. When you select candidate servers on this page, you limit the list of destination servers available on the Server—> Control —> JMS Migrate tab.

Caution: When migrating a JMS service that solely participates in a global transaction, for the migration to work and not leave any pending transactions, you must migrate both the JMS and JTA services, and the JMS service migration must occur before the JTA service migration.

The Available box shows a list of candidate servers (servers in the cluster) that can be added to the list of Chosen migratable target servers. If you do not specify a list of Chosen servers, you can migrate the JMS server to any server in the cluster on the Server—> Control —> JMS Migrate tab. If you do specify a list of Chosen servers, you must include the current server in the list or you will not be able to migrate the JMS server back to the server, if necessary.

Note: For implementations that use persistent messaging, make sure that the persistent JMS store is configured such that all the candidate servers in the Chosen list share access to the persistent store.


JMS Server --> Target and Deploy

Server --> Control --> JMS Migrate

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