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Server --> Control --> Start-Stop

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The Server—>Control—>Start/Stop tab changes the state of a server.

Some of the operations require the Node Manager and the domain-wide administration port. In addition, some operations cannot be used for an Administration Server.


Starting Managed Servers from the Administration Console

Shutting Down a Server

Starting a Managed Server in the STANDBY State

Resuming a Server

Starting All Managed Servers in a Domain

Shutting Down All Managed Servers in a Domain

Enabling the Domain-Wide Administration Port

Changing the Runtime Mode

Related Topics

Overview of Node Manager

Overview of the Server Lifecycle


The following table describes the applicability and requirements of each operation:




Start this server

Starts a Managed Server.

By default, a server instance starts in the RUNNING state, but the Startup Mode setting can change the default behavior. The Startup Mode setting is located on on the Servers—>Configuration—>General tab, under Advanced Options.

Requires the Node Manager.

Only available for Managed Servers.

Resume this server

Moves a server from the STANDBY state to RUNNING.

Requires the administration port to be enabled.

Graceful shutdown of this server

Gracefully stops a server. New requests are rejected but in-work requests are completed before the server stops.

Force shutdown of this server

Immediately stops a server. In-work requests are dropped, no new requests are accepted, and the server immediately stops.


Table 274-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints

Ignore Sessions During Shutdown

Indicates whether a graceful shutdown operation drops all HTTP sessions immediately. If this attribute is set to false, a graceful shutdown operation waits for HTTP sessions to complete or timeout.


Attribute: IgnoreSessionsDuringShutdown

Default: false

Valid values:

  • true

  • false

Configurable: yes

Dynamic: yes

Graceful Shutdown Timeout

Number of seconds a graceful shutdown operation waits before forcing a shut down. A graceful shutdown gives WebLogic Server subsystems time to complete certain application processing currently in progress. If subsystems are unable to complete processing within the number of seconds that this attribute specifies, then the server will force shutdown automatically.

See "Graceful Shutdown."

A value of 0 means that the server will wait indefinitely for graceful shutdown to complete.

This attribute applies only to graceful shutdown operations, while the ServerLifeCycleTimeoutVal attribute applies only to force shutdowns.


Attribute: GracefulShutdownTimeout

Units: seconds

Minimum: 0

Default: 0

Configurable: yes

Dynamic: yes


Table 274-2

Table Column



The name of the current server instance.


The current lifecycle state of the server. For a description of lifecycle states, refer to Understanding Server State.

Transition Activity

Shows the status of the most recent transition in lifecycle state. For details on the transition, click the link in the Status tab.


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