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Server --> Logging --> Domain

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The Server—>Logging—>Domain determines which messages a server sends to the domain log (in addition to its own log). The domain log collects messages from all servers within the domain.

By default, a server sends all messages of severity lever ERROR or higher to the domain log. You can use this tab to assign a log filter, which changes the set of messages that a server sends. You can also use this tab to disable the server from sending any messages to the domain log.

A server does not send HTTP requests, JDBC messages, JTA transaction messages, or messages of the DEBUG severity to the domain log file regardless of whether you use a domain log filter.


Specifying the Messages That a Server Forwards to the Domain Log

Viewing the Domain Log

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Overview of WebLogic Server Log Messages and Log Files


Table 280-1

Attribute Label


Value Constraints

Log to Domain log file

Determines whether this server sends messages to the domain log (in addition to keeping its own log).


Attribute: EnabledForDomainLog

Default: true

Valid values:

  • true

  • false

Dynamic: yes

Use log filter

Determines which messages this server sends to the domain log. If you specify none, the server sends all messages of severity ERROR and higher. This list contains all Domain Log Filters that have been defined for the domain. A server can user only one Domain Log Filter.

This property is relevant only if Log To Domain File is enabled.


Attribute: DomainLogFilter

Dynamic: yes


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