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Jolt is a Java-based client API that manages requests to BEA Tuxedo services via a Jolt Service Listener (JSL) running on the Tuxedo server. The Jolt API is embedded within the WebLogic API, and is accessible from a servlet or any other BEA WebLogic application. The Jolt Java client class library can be used in HTTP servlets running in WebLogic Server and provides an interface between HTML browser clients and BEA Tuxedo services.

Jolt connection pools allow you to connect WebLogic Server clients to BEA Tuxedo domains. The server creates the Jolt connection pools at startup and assigns connections to WebLogic Server clients as needed.

When one or more Jolt connection pools are configured, this Jolt page displays key information about each of them.


Create a Jolt Startup & Shutdown Class

Create a Jolt Connection Pool

Monitor Active Instances of a Jolt Connection Pool

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