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Web Service --> Monitoring --> Sessions

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Use this tab to specify whether you want session monitoring enabled for this Web service. Once session monitoring has been enabled, the tab displays a table that lists the sessions associated with this Web Service.

Note: A Web Service is packaged as a Web Application that has an additional deployment descriptor: webservices.xml. For this reason, the monitoring information displayed by the Administration Console for a Web Service is the similar to the monitoring information displayed for a Web Application.

You can only enable session monitoring if the Web Service is deployed as an exploded archive rather than as a WAR or part of an EAR.

The following table describes the monitoring statistics available for each session:

Table 0-1 Web Service Servlet Session Monitoring Statistics



Time Last Accessed

Displays the time that the session last accessed the Web Service.

Main Attribute

Displays a user-readable copy of the attribute specified by the user associated with the session. An example of an attribute is user-name.


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