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WebLogic Server Command Reference

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Prints a snapshot of the WebLogic Server threads that are currently running for a specific server instance. The server instance prints the snapshot to its standard out.

If a server instance is in a deadlocked state, it can respond to weblogic.Admin commands only if you have enabled the domain-wide administration port. (A deadlocked server is one in which all threads are struck trying to acquire locks held by other threads.) If you have not already enabled the domain-wide administration port, your only option is to shut down the server instance by killing the Java process that is running the server. You will lose all session data. For information on enabling the domain-wide administration port, refer to "Enabling the Domain-Wide Administration Port" in the Administration Console Online Help.

Note: The THREAD_DUMP command is supported only on Sun JVM and JRockit.


java [ SSL Arguments ] weblogic.Admin 
[ Connection Arguments ]
[ User Credentials Arguments ]


The following example causes a server instance that is running on a host named ManagedHost to print a thread dump to standard out:

java weblogic.Admin -url ManagedHost:8001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic THREAD_DUMP

If the command succeeds, the command itself returns the following:

Thread Dump is available in the command window that is running the server.

The server instance prints a thread dump to its standard out, which, by default, is the shell (command prompt) within which the server instance is running.

For more information about the environment in which this example runs, refer to Example Environment.


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