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WebLogic Server Command Reference

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Starts a Managed Server using Node Manager.

This command requires the following environment:

The Startup Mode field in the Administration Console determines whether a Managed Server starts in the RUNNING state or STANDBY state. See "Server Life Cycle" in Configuring and Managing WebLogic Server.


java [ SSL Arguments ] weblogic.Admin 
[-url URL]
[ User Credentials Arguments ]
START targetServer



-url [protocol://]listen-address:listen-port

Must specify the listen address and listen port of the domain's Administration Server.

If you specify a secure listen port, you must also specify a secure protocol.

If you do not specify a value, the command assumes t3://localhost:7001.

For more information, refer to the -url entry in Table 1-3 on page 11 and Protocol Support.


The name of the Managed Server to start in a RUNNING state.



The following example instructs the Administration Server and Node Manager to start a Managed Server:

java weblogic.Admin -url AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic START MedRecManagedServer

When you issue the command, the following occurs:

  1. The Administration Server determines which machine MedRecManagedServer is configured to run on. It instructs the Node Manager that is running on that machine to start MedRecManagedServer in the state that the Start Mode field specifies.
  2. The Node Manager indicates its progress by writing messages to its standard out. You can view these messages from the Administration Console on the Server—>Control—>Remote Start Output tab.
  3. If the command succeeds, the weblogic.Admin utility returns to the following message:
Server "MedRecManagedServer" was started ...
Please refer to server log files for completion status ...

For more information about the environment in which this example runs, refer to Example Environment.


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