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WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

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An application represents a J2EE application contained in an EAR file or EAR directory. The EAR file contains a set of components such as WAR, EJB, and RAR connector components, each of which can be deployed on one or more Targets. A target is a server or a cluster. If the application is provided as a standalone module, then this MBean is a synthetic wrapper application only.



StagingMode=( "nostage" | "stage" | "external_stage" )
TwoPhase=( "true" | "false" )


Parent Elements


Child Elements



Table 2-1 Application attributes



Range of Values and Default


Defines a path on the filesystem for the application descriptor for this application. If null, the usual location within the ear is used (META-INF/application.xml);

Required: no


Defines a path on the filesystem for the WLS-specific application descriptor for this application. If null, the usual location within the EAR file is used (META-INF/weblogic-application.xml);

Required: no


Milliseconds granted for a cluster deployment task on this application. If any deployment tasks remain active for longer, the task will be cancelled. The default is ~60 minutes. Note that the server only checks for timed out deployments about once a minute.

Only cluster deployments can be timed out.

Default: 3600000


Specifies the category of this application. This attribute will be derived if not specified in the configuration.

Admin Console field label: Deployment Type

Required: no

Default: UNKNOWN


Specifies the order applications are loaded at server startup. Applications with the lowest values are loaded first.

Application ordering is only supported for applications deployed with the 2 phase protocol.

Admin Console field label: Load Order

Default: 100


The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.

Admin Console field label: Name

Required: no


Optional information that you can include to describe this configuration.

Admin Console field label: Notes

Required: no


The location of the original source application files on the Admin Server. Relative paths are based on the root of the Admin Server installation directory. It is highly recommended that you use absolute paths to minimize possible issues when upgrading the server.

If the application is not being staged (StagingMode==nostage) then the path must be valid on the target server.

The path to an Enterprise application (EAR) is the location of the EAR file or the root of the EAR if it is unarchived. e.g. Path="myapps/app.ear" is valid. If the application is a standalone module, then the path is the parent directory of the module. For example, if the module is located at myapps/webapp/webapp.war, the Path="myapps/webapp" is correct, whereas Path="myapps/webapp/webapp.war" is incorrect.

Admin Console field label: Path


Indicates whether this application is being staged. Staging involves distributing the application files from the admin server to the targeted managed servers staging directory. This attribute is used to override the managed server's StagingMode attribute.

Admin Console field label: Staging Mode

Required: no


Indicates whether this application is deployed using the 2 phase deployment protocol If true, then the application's components may only be targeted to release 7.0 and later servers. If false, then the application may be deployed to all releases supporting the release 6 deployment protocol, which is deprecated in release 7. If unspecified in the configuration, false is assumed.

Default: false


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