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WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

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This MBean defines a transaction-enabled JDBC DataSource.



EnableTwoPhaseCommit=( "true" | "false" )
RowPrefetchEnabled=( "true" | "false" )
StreamChunkSize="number of bytes"
Targets="list of Target names"


Parent Elements



Table 25-1 JDBCTxDataSource attributes



Range of Values and Default


A priority that the server uses to determine when it deploys an item. The priority is relative to other deployable items of the same type. For example, the server prioritizes and deploys all EJBs before it prioritizes and deploys startup classes.

Items with the lowest Deployment Order value are deployed first. There is no guarantee on the order of deployments with equal Deployment Order values. There is no guarantee of ordering across clusters.

Default: 1000

Minimum: 0

Maximum: 231-1


When set to true, this attribute allows non-XA JDBC drivers to emulate participation in distributed transactions using JTA.

Use this option if the JDBC connection is the only participant in the transaction and there is no XA compliant JDBC driver available. With more than one resource participating in a transaction where one of them (the JDBC driver) is emulating an XA resource, you may see heuristic failures.

If this TxDataSource is associated with an XA connection pool, or if there is only one resource participating in the distributed transaction, then this setting is ignored.

Admin Console field label: Emulate Two-Phase Commit for non-XA Driver

Default: false


The JNDI path to where this TxDataSource is bound.

Applications that look up the JNDI path will get a javax.sql.DataSource instance that corresponds to this DataSource.

Admin Console field label: JNDI Name

Required: no


The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.

Admin Console field label: Name

Required: no


Optional information that you can include to describe this configuration.

Admin Console field label: Notes

Required: no


The name of the JDBC connection pool that is associated with this TxDataSource.

Calls from applications to getConnection() on this TxDataSource will return a connection from the associated connection pool.

Admin Console field label: Pool Name

Required: no


Controls row prefetching between a client and WebLogic Server for each ResultSet. When an external client accesses a database using JDBC through Weblogic Server, row prefetching improves performance by fetching multiple rows from the server to the client in one server access. WebLogic Server will ignore this setting and not use row prefetching when the client and WebLogic Server are in the same JVM.

Admin Console field label: Row Prefetch Enabled

Default: false


The number of result set rows to prefetch for a client. The optimal value depends on the particulars of the query. In general, increasing this number will increase performance, until a particular value is reached. At that point further increases do not result in any significant performance increase. Very rarely will increased performance result from exceeding 100 rows. The default value should be reasonable for most situations.

Admin Console field label: Row Prefetch Size

Default: 48

Minimum: 2

Maximum: 65536


Data chunk size for steaming datatypes. Streaming datatypes (for example resulting from a call to getBinaryStream()) will be pulled in StreamChunkSize sized chunks from the WebLogic Server to the client as needed.

Admin Console field label: Stream Chunk Size

Units: bytes

Default: 256

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 65536


The targets in the current domain on which this item can be deployed.

Admin Console field label: Targets

Required: no


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