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WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

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Provides the interface used to configure a Web service that is deployed on a Weblogic Server instance.

A Web service is a special kind of J2EE Web Application that contains an additional deployment descriptor, web-services.xml, that describes the Web service. Because a Web service is packaged as a J2EE Web application, its component MBean is the same as that of a Web application, and thus simply extends the WebAppComponentMBean interface, adding no new methods.

WebLogic Server instantiates this interface only when you deploy a Web service.

This interface can configure Web services that are deployed as WAR files or exploded directories.



IndexDirectoryEnabled=( "true" | "false" )
PreferWebInfClasses=( "true" | "false" )
SessionMonitoringEnabled=( "true" | "false" )
Targets="list of Target names"
VirtualHosts="list of VirtualHost names"


Parent Elements



Table 74-1 WebServiceComponent attributes



Range of Values and Default


Sets the AuthFilter Servlet class, which will be called before and after all authentication and authorization checks in the Web Application.

Required: no


Sets the Realm in the Basic Authentication HTTP dialog box, which pops up on the browsers.

Admin Console field label: Auth Realm Name

Required: no

Default: weblogic


A priority that the server uses to determine when it deploys an item. The priority is relative to other deployable items of the same type. For example, the server prioritizes and deploys all EJBs before it prioritizes and deploys startup classes.

Items with the lowest Deployment Order value are deployed first. There is no guarantee on the order of deployments with equal Deployment Order values. There is no guarantee of ordering across clusters.

Admin Console field label: Deployment Order

Default: 1000

Minimum: 0

Maximum: 231-1


Indicates whether or not to automatically generate an HTML directory listing if no suitable index file is found.

Admin Console field label: Index Directories

Default: false


The name of this configuration. WebLogic Server uses an MBean to implement and persist the configuration.

Admin Console field label: Name

Required: no


Optional information that you can include to describe this configuration.

Admin Console field label: Notes

Required: no


If true, classes located in the WEB-INF directory of a web-app will be loaded in preference to classes loaded in the application or system classloader. Deprecated the setting from console starting from version 8.1. Need to set it in weblogic.xml instead.

Admin Console field label: Prefer Web Inf Classes

Default: false


How often WebLogic checks whether a servlet has been modified, and if so reloads it. -1 is never reload, 0 is always reload.

Admin Console field label: Reload Period

Default: 1


If true, then runtime MBeans will be created for sessions; otherwise, they will not.

Admin Console field label: Enable Session Monitoring

Default: false


Defines the size of the pool used for SingleThreadedModel instance pools.

Admin Console field label: Single Threaded Servlet Pool Size

Default: 5


The targets in the current domain on which this item can be deployed.

Admin Console field label: Targets

Required: no


Return a URI pointing to the application component, usually on the Admin Server.

Admin Console field label: URI


Returns virtual hosts on which this deployment is targeted.

Admin Console field label: Virtual Hosts

Required: no


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