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WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs: Web Services

Q. I am getting a java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError exception when I execute the clientgen or autotype Ant task to generate non-built-in data type components from an XML Schema file. This only started happening after I installed WebLogic Platform or WebLogic Workshop; everything worked just fine when WebLogic Server was installed on its own. What is going on?

A. This problem happens only when you have the wlxbean.jar and xbean.jar files in your build or deployment environment CLASSPATH variable and you are using the clientgen or autotype Ant tasks to generate non-built-in data type components from an XML Schema that references SOAP encoding data types. The two JAR files, used by the XMLBeans feature, are part of WebLogic Platform and Workshop, and not part of WebLogic Server. The JAR files contain SOAP encoding data type classes which come into conflict with those generated by the Ant tasks.

There are three different ways to work around this problem:

Q. Does WebLogic Server 8.1 support SOAP Messages with Attachments?

A. Yes. As long as the data type of the attachment is on the list of supported JAX-RPC data types, then WebLogic Server will automatically handle parameters to Web services that are SOAP attachments. If you want to do further processing of the attachment, you can use handlers to intercept the request and response SOAP message (which includes the attachment.)

Q. Does WebLogic Server 8.1 support SOAP?

A. Yes. WebLogic Server's implementation of SOAP is included as part of the Web Services subsystem. For detailed information on creating Web Services with WebLogic Server, see Programming WebLogic Web Services.


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