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WebLogic Server 8.1 API Reference
Class T3FileOutputStream


Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1.

public abstract class T3FileOutputStream

The superclass of all T3FileOutputStream objects. Implemented as an abstract class, rather than an interface, so that can be a super class. This allows T3FileOutputStreams to be easily plugged into existing code that uses OutputStreams. T3FileOutputStreams are produced by T3Files, and as such may be associated with local files on the client or remote files on the server. This makes it easy to write code that treats the two uniformly. In addition to the methods on, T3FileOutputStream has methods to report the buffer size and write behind. These values are not used for local files.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
abstract  int bufferSize()
          Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1.
abstract  int writeBehind()
          Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1.
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Constructor Detail


public T3FileOutputStream()
Method Detail


public abstract int bufferSize()
Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1.
Returns the size of the transfer buffer in bytes.

Size of buffer as an int


public abstract int writeBehind()
Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 6.1.
Returns the number of unwritten transfer buffers that can be outstanding before the next write is blocked.

Number of buffers

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