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WebLogic Server 8.1 API Reference


Provides for the configuration, control and monitoring of a WebLogic Domain.


Interface Summary
MBeanHome An interface for accessing the Managed Beans (MBeans) that WebLogic Server uses to expose its management attributes and operations.
RemoteMBeanServer Contains methods for instantiating, registering, and deleting MBeans from a remote JVM.
RemoteNotificationListener Enables an object to receive JMX notifications that are generated in either the local JVM or a remote JVM.
TargetAvailabilityStatus This is a standard interface that encapsultes the availability/deployment status of a component on a target.
WebLogicMBean The super interface for all MBeans.

Class Summary
AttributeAddNotification This notification provides support for adding a value to an attribute of an MBean when that attribute is a type array.
AttributeRemoveNotification This notification provides support for removing a value from an attribute of an MBean when that attribute is a type array.
DeploymentNotification Defines a management notification of deployment events.
EncryptionHelper This class contains convenience methods for accessing encrypted MBean attributes.
Helper A utility class that simplifies acquiring the MBeanHome object for either the entire adminstrative domain or for a particular managed server.
WebLogicObjectName The WebLogic Server Management API distinguishes between three types of MBeans:

Exception Summary
AbortDeploymentException AbortDeploymentException can be thrown by a DeploymentHandler when the deployment process cannot go on further and the server needs to exit.
CompatibilityException This exception is used to indicate some compatibility issue
DeferredDeploymentException This exception is thrown by the Deployment subsystem when any deployment task is deferred.
DeploymentException Exceptions thrown during the deployment process.
DistributedAttributeUpdateException Deprecated.  
DistributedManagementException This exception wraps a set of exceptions thrown when trying to update attributes over multiple managed servers in a WebLogic Domain.
DistributedOperationUpdateException Deprecated.  
DistributedUpdateException This exception is the super-exception for exception that occured while propagating an updated from the Admin Server to a specific Managed Server.
InvalidAttributeValuesException The values specified are not valid.
ManagementException The top-level management exception.
ManagementRuntimeException This class is used to indicate a runtime error in the Management Subsytem of WebLogic Server.
MBeanCreationException Exception generated during the creation of an MBean.
NoAccessException The Access violation exception on Management targets.
NoAccessRuntimeException This is the exception that is thrown when an atempt is made to access an MBean and the operation or attributes is not available for given the established identity.
UndeploymentException Top-level exception for application undeployment exception.

Error Summary
ManagementError The top-level management exception.

Package Description

Provides for the configuration, control and monitoring of a WebLogic Domain.

It provides the public interfaces that are used by the console, command line tools, and the server lifecycle classes to obtain access to the description of a WebLogic Domain. It extends the standard JMX (Java Management Extensisons) API with additional capabilities to support the management of a collection of servers in separate JVMs.

The most prominent extension is the ability to obtain an RMI interface to the JMX server via the WLS JNDI tree. This process is simplified by the Helper which determines the proper lookup names and returns the approriate objects for the specified server. This method is used by client to gain access to a remote JMX server.

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