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WebLogic Server 8.1 API Reference

Package weblogic.webservice.client

Interface Summary
SSLAdapter Created: Mon Apr 8 18:59:42 2002
TrustManager The TrustManager interface permits the user to override certain validation errors in the peer's certificate chain and allow the handshake to continue.

Class Summary
BaseWLSSLAdapter Copyright (c) 2003 by BEA Systems, Inc.
JSSEAdapter JSSEAdapter for WLS Webservices support of the JSSE bundled with JDK 1.4
NullSSLAdapter This class is intended for use when there is non SSL implmentation available.
SSLAdapterFactory Created: Wed Apr 10 09:33:34 2002
WLSSLAdapter Created: Mon Apr 8 19:24:52 2002

Exception Summary
SSLConfigurationException This exception is thrown in two cases: The SSLAdapter class identified by the user via the weblogic.webservice.client.ssl.adapterclass system property could not be loaded. The system property was not set but none of the default adapters could be loaded.

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