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Securing a Production Environment

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Determining Your Security Needs

Before you deploy WebLogic Server and your J2EE applications into a production environment, determine your security needs and make sure that you have taken the appropriate security measures, as described in the following sections:


Understand Your Environment

To better understand your security needs, ask yourself the following questions:


Hire Security Consultants or Use Diagnostic Software

Whether you deploy WebLogic Server on the Internet or on an intranet, it is a good idea to hire an independent security expert to go over your security plan and procedures, audit your installed systems, and recommend improvements. BEA partners offer services and products that can help you to secure a WebLogic Server production environment. See the BEA Partner's Page at


Read Security Publications

Read about security issues:


Install WebLogic Server in a Secure Manner

Currently, the WebLogic Server installation includes the entire JDK and some additional WebLogic Server development utilities (for example, beasvc). These development programs could be a security vulnerability. The following are recommendations for making a WebLogic Server installation more secure:


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