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WebLogic jDriver for Oracle (Deprecated)

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Overview of WebLogic jDrivers

WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Oracle Shared Libraries

Distributed Transactions with the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle/XA

Configuring WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Preparing to Use WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Checking Software Requirements for WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Setting Up the Environment for Using WebLogic jDriver for Oracle


Windows 64-Bit



HP-UX 11


Siemens MIPS

Compaq Tru64 UNIX

Checking Connections to the Oracle Database

Setting Up a Connection Pool

Configuring a Connection Pool with WebLogic Server Software

Using the Connection Pool in an Application

Logging JDBC Activity on a Client Application

Using IDEs or Debuggers with WebLogic jDrivers

Preparing to Set Up a Development Environment and Use the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Using WebLogic jDriver for Oracle

Local Versus Distributed Transactions

Importing JDBC Packages


Oracle Client Library Versions, URLs, and Driver Class Names

Connecting to an Oracle DBMS

Connecting to a Database Using WebLogic Server in a Two-Tier Configuration

Connecting Using WebLogic Server in a Multi-Tier Configuration

Connection Example

About the Connection Object

Setting Autocommit

Making a Simple SQL Query

Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Records

Data Type Conversion for Bound Variables

Creating and Using Stored Procedures and Functions

Disconnecting and Closing Objects

Working with ResultSets from Stored Procedures

Row Caching With WebLogic JDBC

Code Example

Unsupported JDBC 2.0 Methods

Using WebLogic jDriver for Oracle/XA in Distributed Transactions

Differences Using the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle in XA versus Non-XA Mode

Connection Behavior with the WebLogic XA jDriver

Configuring JDBC XA and Non-XA Resources

JDBC/XA Resources

WebLogic jDriver for Oracle/XA Data Source Properties

Non-XA JDBC Resources

Limitations of the WebLogic jDriver for Oracle XA

Implementing Distributed Transactions

Importing Packages

Finding the Data Source via JNDI

Performing a Distributed Transaction

WebLogic jDriver Advanced Features

Allowing Mixed Case Metadata

Recommended Data Type Mapping

WebLogic Server and Oracle's NUMBER Column

Using Oracle Long Raw Data Types

Waiting on Oracle Resources


Transaction Isolation Levels

Codeset Support

Support for Oracle Array Fetches

Using Stored Procedures

Binding a Parameter to an Oracle Cursor

Notes on Using CallableStatement

DatabaseMetaData Methods

Support for JDBC Extended SQL

Overview of JDBC 2.0 for Oracle

Configuration Required to Support JDBC 2.0


Transaction Boundaries


Connection Properties

Import Statements

Initializing a BLOB Field

Writing Binary Data to a BLOB

Writing a BLOB Object

Reading BLOB Data

Other Methods


Codeset Support

Initializing a CLOB Field

Writing ASCII Data to a CLOB

Writing Unicode Data to a CLOB

Writing CLOB Objects

Updating a CLOB Value Using a Prepared Statement

Reading CLOB Data

Other Methods

Character and ASCII Streams

Unicode Character Streams

ASCII Character Streams

Batch Updates

Using Batch Updates

Clearing the Batch

Update Counts

New Date Methods


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