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WebLogic Server 8.1 Upgrade Guide

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Upgrading WebLogic Server 8.1 Service Pack 2 to Version 8.1 Service Pack 3

This section contains information about upgrading your domain from WebLogic Server 8.1 Service Pack 2 to WebLogic Server 8.1 Service Pack 3.

New SDKs Bundled with WebLogic Platform 8.1

The WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP3 installation includes new versions of the Java 2 SDKs, including:

If you are upgrading a domain from SP2 to SP3, the script in that domain that starts WebLogic Server needs to be modified to point to the location in which the new SDK has been installed. This script is located in the domain's root directory. Depending on the type of domain you are upgrading, this script by default is named either either setDomainEnv or startWebLogic.

To modify this script, update the value of the JAVA_HOME variable. For example:

set JAVA_HOME=C:\bea\jrockit81sp3_142_04

It is also recommended that you update your Workshop applications, application startup scripts, and silent configuration scripts to reference the new Sun or JRockit SDK directory. For information about updating your Workshop applications to use the new SDK, see WebLogic Workshop.

Note: WebLogic Platform 8.1 SP3 adds support for HP-UX SDK on HP-UX PA-RISC 11.0 and 11i systems.


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