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Converting the File

If you have used a version of Weblogic Server earlier than 6.0, you can convert your files into a configuration file (config.xml) for a WebLogic Server 7.x Domain. The resources defined in a single XML configuration file comprise a single domain.

  1. Locate the root directory for the WebLogic Server installation you want to convert. All of the files you convert must reside under this root, and these files must be located on the same machine that this server is running on.
  2. Click the Convert link in the right pane of the Administration Console.
  3. Use the links to navigate the server's file system to find the weblogic root. When you have found it, click the icon next to it and move on to the next step.

    The conversion utility provides a list of entities that have been identified as potential servers and clusters.

  4. Select the Root directory (which is the location of the global files) by navigating the tree using the icon on the left side of the pane.
  5. Select the Cluster and Server specific directories.
  6. Click Convert.
  7. Continue to convert your files until you have created the domains needed for your application.
  8. See the notes in this section about the following subjects

SSL Security Files

SSL Security Files are set in the old properties file as

and will be copied into the <NewDomain>/<ServerName>(Server Specific Directory) where the config.xml file will reflect them as

<Server Name=....





If the SSL security files specified in the are not in the old server specific directory then they will not be set in the config.xml and will have to be copied into the <NewDomain>/<ServerName>(Server Specific Directory), and be set in the config.xml.


All servlets registered in the are converted into a single web application

The conversion tool creates the necessary files like web.xml and weblogic.xml in one of the following directories:

All the Servlet Classes registered individually as weblogic.httpd.register in the old except for the weblogic internal servlets have to be copied under the new weblogic(7.x) server tree structure as specified in the web.xml

For example if web.xml has


The servlet class HelloWorldServlet.class should be copied into the corresponding WEB-INF/classes/weblogic/hello directory. The current directory signifies the directory from which the Weblogic Server(7.x) will be started with the new configuration.

EJB JAR files and Web App WAR files

If the has weblogic.ejb.deploy and weblogic.httpd.webApp.<webAppName> pointing to a relative directory then those JAR and WAR files have to be copied under the new Weblogic(7.x) server tree structure.



Then the JAR file has to be copied under ./weblogic/ejb/ directory.

The "." indicates the directory from which the server will be started with the new configuration.


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