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Extending the Administration Console

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Extending the Administration Console

Overview of Extending the Administration Console

Visual Elements of an Administration Console Extension

Programmatic Elements of a Console Extension

Main Steps to Create an Administration Console Extension

Implementing the NavTreeExtension Interface

Setting Up the Navigation Tree

Writing the Console Screen JSPs

Localizing the Administration Console Extension

Packaging the Administration Console Extension

Deploying an Administration Console Extension

Sample Java Class for Implementing the NavTreeExtension Interface

Using the Console Extension Tag Library

Overview of the Console Extension JSP Tag Library

Tag Library Attribute Reference

<wl:node> Tag

<wl:menu> and <wl:menu-separator> Tags

<wl:tab> Tag

<wl:dialog> Tag

<wl:stylesheet> Tag

<wl:extensibility-key> Tag

<wl:text> Tag

Using the Tag Library in a Console Extension

Using Localization in a Console Extension

Overview of Console Extension Localization

How the Console Determines Which Localization Catalog to Use

Main Steps for Console Extension Localization

Writing a Localization Catalog

Localizing Single Words or Phrases

Localizing Long Blocks of Text

Writing the index.xml File

Sample Localization Catalog

Using localized text in JSPs

Localizing the Navigation Tree Nodes

Localizing Right-Click Menus

Localizing Tab Labels

Localizing Text in Console Dialogs

Localizing Text

Localizing Parameters


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