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Deploying WebLogic Server Applications

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Overview of WebLogic Server Deployment

Deployable Modules

Module Types

Enterprise Application

Web Application

Enterprise JavaBean

Resource Adaptor

XML Deployment Descriptors

Deployment Files

Archive Files

Exploded Archive Directories

Location of Files

Deployment Targets

Deployment Names

Advanced Deployment Topics

Quickstart Guide to Deploying Modules

Step 1: Unpack the Archive File (if Necessary)

Step 2: Start the Deployment Assistant

Step 3: Select the Deployment Files

Step 4: Select the Target Servers

Step 5: Deploy the Files

Advanced Deployment Topics

Deployment Staging Modes

Stage Mode

Nostage Mode

External_stage mode

Summary Of Staging Mode Behavior

Best Practices for Choosing a Deployment Staging Mode

Server vs. Application Staging Modes

Deployment Order

Ordering Components Within an Application

Stopping and Redeploying Modules

Classloading Considerations for Redeployment

Deploying With an Alternate Deployment Descriptor

Common Uses for Alternate Deployment Descriptors

Limitations for Alternate Deployment Descriptors

Command-Line Options for Specifying Descriptors

Two-Phase Deployment Protocol

Prepare Phase and Activate Phase

Prepare Phase

Activate Phase

Enforcing Cluster Constraints for Deployment

WebLogic Server 6.x Deployment Protocol

Deployment Topics for Developers


Deployment from a Development Directory

Performing Common Deployment Tasks

Uploading Deployment Files to the Administration Server

Deploying a New Application Module to Server(s) on One Machine

Deploying a New Application Module to Servers on Multiple Machines

Deploying Enterprise Application Modules to Different WebLogic Server instances

Deploying an Enterprise Application with an Alternate Deployment Descriptor

Changing the Order of Deployment for a Module

Redeploying or Stopping a Module

Redeploying Static Files in a Web Application

jspRefresh Tasks

Changing the Target List for a Deployed Module

Changing a Server Staging Mode or Staging Directory

Removing Files from a Deployment

Deleting a Deployment from the Domain

Deployment Tools Reference

weblogic.Deployer Utility

Deploying Using weblogic.Deployer Utility

weblogic.Deployer Actions and Options

Example Uses of the weblogic.Deployer Utility

WebLogic Builder

Deployment Management API


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