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WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQs: Installation

Q. Which platforms are available for WebLogic Server?

A. See the BEA WebLogic Server Platform Support page at

Q. I downloaded the WebLogic Server installation file, but the installation program will not run. What should I do?

A. The installation file may have been corrupted during the download. Run a checksum on the installation file and check with technical support for the proper values.

Q. Do I need to install WebLogic Server as root on Solaris?

A. No you don't need to be root, depending on directory permissions.

Q. Can I run the Configuration Wizard outside the installer?

A. Yes. You can start the Configuration Wizard from the Start menu or using a script in the utils directory. See Creating Domains and Servers in the Administration Console Online Help.

Q. I love the new domain configuration wizard. Can I create my own templates?

A. Support for custom templates for the Configuration Wizard is coming soon. Currently, it is an undocumented, unsupported feature.


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