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WebLogic Server Partners' Guide

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Distributing WebLogic Server

Enroll in the BEA Star Partner Program

Install the Partner Development Kit

Install the ISV License

Step 1: Preparing to Install an ISV License

Step 2: Extracting the License Data and Linking WebLogic Server Files

Step 3: Updating the WebLogic Server License

Next Steps: Configuring Your Application and WebLogic Server

Distribute Files

Upgrading an Embedded WebLogic Server

Customizing WebLogic Server Configuration Files

Customizing the config.xml File

Pre-Configuring Application Resources

Deployment of Application Components

Example Configuration

Domain Configuration

Basic Server Setup

JDBC Requirements

Application Components

Startup Classes

Customizing Files for Compatibility Security

Using JDBC Profiling MBeans

Enabling JDBC Profiling

Accessing JDBC Profiles


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