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WebLogic Server 8.1 API Reference
Interface TargetMBean

All Known Subinterfaces:
ClusterMBean, DomainMBean, ServerMBean

public interface TargetMBean
extends ConfigurationMBean

A tagging interface that designate a class that implements it as a target for deployment of a component. It also designate it as a potential member of a TargetGroup.

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See Also:
Component, TargetGroupMBean

Field Summary
          Description of the Field
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Method Summary
 void setDeployments(DeploymentMBean[] deployments)
          For OAM use only.
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Field Detail


public static final long CACHING_STUB_SVUID
Description of the Field
Method Detail


public void setDeployments(DeploymentMBean[] deployments)
                    throws DistributedManagementException
For OAM use only.

A dynamic MBean attribute
deployments - The new deployments value
DistributedManagementException - Description of the Exception

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