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Release Notes

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WebLogic Server 8.1 Beta Features and Changes

Packaging and Deployment Features

Custom Classloading for J2EE Modules

New Application Lifecycle Events

Application-Level Class Library

Dynamic Descriptor Changes

Dynamic Changes to Application-Scoped Pools

Alternate Deployment Descriptors

Improved Deployment Performance and Feedback

Administration Console Deployment Changes

Weblogic.Deployer Changes

Administration Features

JRockit JVM

Message Catalogs

Automatic config.xml Archiving

JRockit Monitoring

New Affinity Policies for Java Client Load Balancing

Improved Node Manager

Improved Network Channel Configuration

Administration Console Usability Improvements

weblogic.Admin Features

New Default OOTB Performance Parameter Settings

Sample Applications

Security Features

Improved Functionality for Creating Roles and Policies

Improved Support for Keystores and SSL Configuration

Support for the Sun Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Package

EJB Features and Changes

Performance Monitoring Improvements


Batch Operations

Automatic Database Detection

EJB QL Compiler Enhancements

ejbc Deprecated

sql-select-distinct Deprecated

New dbms-column-type Values

Performance Improvements

Reloadable EJB Modules

EJB Deployment Assistants

J2EE Connector Changes

JDBC Features

JDBC Assistants

JDBC Connection Pool Attributes

Enhanced Support for JDBC Extensions

Physical Connection from a Connection Pool

Support for RowSets

Statement Caching

JTA Features

Manual Completion of Current Transactions

Non-XA-Compliant Resource Participation in a Global Transaction

JMS Features

JMS Thin Client

Accessing Foreign JMS Providers

Accessing JMS via Servlets and EJBs

Better Expired Message Handling

Improved Message Flow Control by Blocking Producers

Web Application Features

Performance Improvements

Security Principle for init Method

Allow Access to WEB-INF on forward/include

Integrated jspc Functionality into appc

Class Reloading for Servlet Filters

FileServlet File Sorting Options

Web Services Features

Digital Signatures and Encryption

Reliable Messaging

SOAP 1.2

JMS Transport Protocol

Asynchronous Invocation of WebLogic Web Services

Portable Stubs

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector Features

Enhanced Security Administration

Asynchronous tpacall

XML Features

Developer Tools

New appc Compiler

New J2EE Client .JARs

Builder Changes

Deployment Descriptor Editing

Optimistic Concurrency

Internationalization Features

Other Available Resources

Fast Track Procedures



Additional Documentation


Dev2Dev Online

Known Issues

WebLogic Server 8.1 Beta Interoperability

JVM Interoperability

General WebLogic Server Issues

Web Services Issues


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