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Administration Console Online Help

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Monitor queue statistics

You can monitor statistics on queues assigned to a JMS module.

To monitor queue statistics:

  1. If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit (see Use the Change Center).
  2. In the Administration Console, navigate to the queue resource that you want to configure:
  3. Click the Monitoring > Statistics tab.

    The Statistics page summarizes the runtime statistics for the current queue, including consumers, messages, and bytes information.

    For more information about these statistics, see Configuration Options.

  4. To activate these changes, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Activate Changes.
    Not all changes take effect immediately—some require a restart (see Use the Change Center).

After you finish

If you want to manage the messages on a queue, including deleting selected messages, moving messages to another queue, or draining all the messages from the queue, see Manage queue messages.


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