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Extending the Administration Console

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to this Document

Related Documentation

New and Changed Console-Extension Features in This Release

Understanding Administration Console Extensions

What Is an Administration Console Extension?

How Do the WebLogic Portal Framework and WebLogic Portal Differ?

UI Controls in the Administration Console

Types of UI Controls

The Desktop

Extending the Desktop

The Home Book and Page

Extending the Home Book

The ContentBook

Extending the ContentBook

Summary of the Administration Console UI Controls

The Look and Feel in the Administration Console

JSP Templates and Tag Libraries

WebLogic Server JSP Templates

JSP Tag Libraries

Example: How an Extension Finds and Displays Content

Rebranding the Administration Console

Copy and Modify the Sample Look and Feel: Main Steps

Modify the Administration Console Banner

Modify Colors, Fonts, Buttons, and Images

Modify Themes for the Change Center and Other Portlets

Modify the Login and Error Page

Create a Message Bundle

Modify the Sample NetUI Extension File

Archive and Deploy the Extension

Adding Portlets and Navigation Controls

Define a Portlet

Define UI Controls (Optional)

Create a Top-Level Tab That Contains a Subtab

Create a Top-Level Tab That Does Not Contain a Subtab

Create a Subtab in a WebLogic Server Top-Level Tab

Create a Control Without Tabs or Subtabs

Navigating to a Custom Security Provider Page

Add Nodes to the Domain Structure Portlet (Optional)

Append a Single Node

Append or Insert Nodes or Node Trees

Create a NavTreeBacking Class

Specify a Location for Displaying Portlets or UI Controls

Deploy a Development Look and Feel to See UI Control Labels

Create a NetUI Extension XML File

Archive and Deploy the Extension

Error Output During Deployment

Creating Portlets That Match the Administration Console

Create and Use a Message Bundle

Create Struts ActionForms and Actions

Create a Named Struts Module

Example: The Form in the Domains: Configuration: General Portlet

Create JSPs that Use BEA Templates and JSP Tags

Set Up Your Development Environment

Create a Table JSP

Create a Configuration JSP

Create a .portlet XML File

Create Other Portal Framework Files and Deploy the Extension


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