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Understanding Domain Configuration

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to this Document

Related Documentation

Samples and Tutorials

New and Changed Domain Features in This Release

XML Schema for config.xml

Domain Directory Structure

Configuration Change Management

Understanding WebLogic Server Domains

What Is a Domain?

Organizing Domains

Contents of a Domain

Administration Server

Managed Servers and Managed Server Clusters

Resources and Services

Domain Restrictions

Domain Configuration Files

Overview of Domain Configuration Files


Editing Configuration Files

Security Credentials in Configuration Files

Subsidiary Configuration Files

Configuration File Archiving

Domain Directory Overview

Domain Directory Contents

A Server's Root Directory

Specifying a Server Root Directory

Server Root Directory for an Administration Server

Server Root Directory for a Managed Server Started with Node Manager

Server Root Directory for a Managed Server Not Started with Node Manager

Managing Configuration Changes

Overview of Change Management

Changes Requiring Server Restart

Configuration Change Tools

Configuration Auditing

Change Management in the Administration Console

Configuration Change Management Process

Configuration Locks

Resolving Change Conflicts

Configuration Management State Diagram

Restricting Configuration Changes


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