WebLogic C API File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
Jms.h [code]A single header file which pulls in all necessary JMS C API header files
JmsBrowser.h [code]Describes a JmsBrowser handle
JmsBytesMessage.h [code]Describes a JmsBytesMessage handle
JmsCommon.h [code]Describes structures used by most of the JMS C API
JmsConnection.h [code]Describes a JmsConnection handle
JmsConnectionFactory.h [code]Describes a JmsConnectionFactory handle
JmsConsumer.h [code]Describes a JmsConsumer handle
JmsContext.h [code]Describes a JmsConsumer handle
JmsDestination.h [code]Describes a JmsDestination handle
JmsEnumeration.h [code]Describes a JmsEnumeration handle
JmsException.h [code]Describes a JmsException handle
JmsMapMessage.h [code]Describes a JmsMapMessage handle
JmsMessage.h [code]Describes a JmsMessage handle
JmsMetaData.h [code]Describes a JmsMetaData handle
JmsProducer.h [code]Describes a JmsProducer handle
JmsQueue.h [code]Describes a JmsQueue handle
JmsSession.h [code]Describes a JmsSession handle
JmsStreamMessage.h [code]Describes a JmsStreamMessage handle
JmsTextMessage.h [code]Describes a JmsTextMessage handle
JmsTopic.h [code]Describes a JmsQueue handle
JmsTypes.h [code]Describes platform specific defines
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