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Interface Grammar

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DTDGrammar, SchemaGrammar

Deprecated. please use JDK supplied XML parsers and transformers

public interface Grammar

A generic grammar for use in validating XML documents. The Grammar object stores the validation information in a compiled form. Specific subclasses extend this class and "populate" the grammar by compiling the specific syntax (DTD, Schema, etc) into the data structures used by this object.

Note: The Grammar object is not useful as a generic grammar access or query object. In other words, you cannot round-trip specific grammar syntaxes with the compiled grammar information in the Grammar object. You can create equivalent validation rules in your choice of grammar syntax but there is no guarantee that the input and output will be the same.

Right now, this class is largely a shell; eventually, it will be enriched by having more expressive methods added.

will be moved from dtd.Grammar here.

Method Summary
 XMLGrammarDescription getGrammarDescription()

Method Detail


public XMLGrammarDescription getGrammarDescription()

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