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BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.jdbc.rowset

Interface Summary
WLCachedRowSet WLCachedRowSet is an extension to the javax.sql.RowSet interface.
WLRowSetMetaData WLRowSetMetaData extends the javax.sql.RowSetMetaData interface with extended meta-data methods.

Class Summary
RowSetFactory RowSetFactory is a factory class for creating javax.sql.RowSet implementations.

Exception Summary
NullUpdateException An exception thrown when no update will be issued because of metadata settings.
OptimisticConflictException An exception thrown when an optimistic conflict occurs during WLCachedRowSet.acceptChanges
RowNotFoundException An exception thrown when syncing with the datasourec but the corresponding row has already been removed from the the datasource.

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