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BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.jms.extensions

WebLogic Server extensions to JMS.


Interface Summary
JMSNamedEntityModifier Interface to be implemented by the user that can be passed as an argument to the JMSModuleHelper create and findAndModifyEntity APIs.
MDBTransaction JMS extension to associate a message delivered to a MDB (message-driven bean) with a transaction.
ServerSessionPoolFactory Factory interface for creating Server Session Pools.
ServerSessionPoolListener Listener interface for MessageListeners used by a ServerSessionPool.
WLDestination A WLDestination provides methods that are not supported by javax.jms.Destination.
WLMessage A WLMessage provides methods not supported by javax.jms.Message.
WLMessageFactory A WLMessageFactory provides vendor specific methods not supported by JMS specification.
WLMessageProducer A WLMessageProducer provides methods not supported by javax.jms.MessageProducer.
WLQueueSession A WLQueueSession provides fields and methods not supported by javax.jms.QueueSession.
WLSession A WLSession provides fields and methods that are not supported by javax.jms.Session.
WLTopicSession A WLTopicSession provides fields and methods not supported by javax.jms.TopicSession.
XMLMessage An XMLMessage is used to send a message containing XML content.

Class Summary
ConsumerInfo ConsumerInfo represents JMS consumer informaton used by JMS message management APIs to provide consumer information to management clients in CompositeData format.
DestinationInfo This class represents information about a JMS destination.
JMSHelper Deprecated. Replaced with JMSModuleHelper.
JMSMessageFactoryImpl Implements WLMessageFactory.
JMSMessageInfo This class encapsulates a JMS message and meta-data that describes the context of the message as it exists in the server at a given point in time.
JMSModuleHelper This class contains JMS helper methods for locating JMS runtime MBeans (i.e., monitoring) as well as methods to manage (locate/create/delete) JMS Module configuration entities (descriptor beans) in a given module.
JMSRuntimeHelper This class contains JMS helper methods for locating JMS runtime (i.e., monitoring) JMX MBeans.
Schedule Time Scheduler

Exception Summary
ConsumerClosedException ConsumerClosedException is delivered to the ExceptionListener for a session (if set), when one of session's consumer is closed by the server as a result of a server failure or administrative intervention.
DataOverrunException DataOverrunException is thrown by a multicast session when the number of messages received by the session, but not yet delivered to the messageListener, exceeds the maximum number of messages allowed for the session.
JMSOrderException A JMSOrderException is thrown when the operation cannot meet the requested ordering quality.
SequenceGapException This exception is thrown when a multicast consumer detects a sequence gap in the data stream.

Package weblogic.jms.extensions Description

WebLogic Server extensions to JMS.

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