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BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.transaction

Interface Summary
BeginNotificationListener An object implementing this interface may be registered with the server transaction manager to receive a notification callback when a transaction is started on the server.
ClientTransactionManager Allows a transaction to be suspended and resumed.
InterposedTransactionManager InterposedTransactionManager is used by a bi-directional gateway for importing foreign transactions into WLS.
ServerTransactionManager ServerTransactionManager enables the caller to get the TransactionLogger object associated with this server.
Transaction This interface provides extensions to the javax.transaction.Transaction object for application or system use.
TransactionLoggable Interface for object capable of being stored in transaction log.
TransactionLogger Transaction log manager for two-phase commit.
TransactionManager Allows XA resources to register and unregister themselves with the Transaction Manager on startup.
UserTransaction This interface defines WebLogic-specific extensions to javax.transaction.UserTransaction.
XAResource This is an optional interface that XA resource provider can implement to communicate extra information to the Transaction Manager.

Class Summary
TransactionHelper Helper for managing transactions required by higher-level functionality.
TxHelper This class is a convenience wrapper for gaining access to objects and resources related to the transaction manager, on both client and server processes, via static methods.

Exception Summary
AppSetRollbackOnlyException Indicates that a transaction was marked for rollback by an application component.
RollbackException This class extends javax.transaction.RollbackException and preserves the original reason for a rollback by reporting the application-supplied rollback reason.
TimedOutException Indicates that a transaction was rolled back due to a timeout.
TransactionSystemException This class extends java.rmi.RemoteException, and is thrown by transaction interceptors to communicate a transaction SystemException to clients.

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