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BEA WebLogic Server 9.0 API Reference

Package weblogic.uddi.client.structures.response

Class Summary
AuthToken AuthToken contains the authentication information that should be used in publishers API messages.
BindingDetail BindingDetail contains specific bindingTemplate information in response to a get_bindingDetail or find_binding inquiry message.
BusinessDetail BusinessDetail contains one or more businessEntity data sets.
BusinessDetailExt BusinessDetailExt contains one or more businessEntity data sets in response to a get_businessDetailExt message
BusinessList BusinessList contains one or more businessInfo data sets in response to a find_business inquiry message.
DispositionReport The dispositionReport structure is a collection of result structures that hold imformation about the completion status of a uddi api function call.
RegisteredInfo The registeredInfo structure is a response to a get_registeredInfo message.
ServiceDetail ServiceDetail contains BusinessService structures when returned by get_serviceDetail
TModelDetail TModelDetail contains complete details about tModel.
TModelList TModelList structure is a collection of TModelInfos.

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