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Packages that use AttributeIterator   

Uses of AttributeIterator in

Methods in that return AttributeIterator
 AttributeIterator StartElement.getAttributes()
          Deprecated. Returns an AttributeIterator of non-namespace declared attributes
 AttributeIterator StartElement.getNamespaces()
          Deprecated. Returns an AttributeIterator of namespaces declared in this element
 AttributeIterator StartElement.getAttributesAndNamespaces()
          Deprecated. Returns the union of declared attributes and namespaces
static AttributeIterator ElementFactory.createAttributeIterator(Iterator iterator)

Methods in with parameters of type AttributeIterator
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(XMLName name, AttributeIterator attributes)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(XMLName name, AttributeIterator attributes, AttributeIterator namespaces)

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