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Packages that use StartElement
weblogic.xml.schema.binding Provides a framework for defining a data binding between XML Schema types and Java types.   
weblogic.xml.xpath This package contains all of the classes required to perform XPath matching against a document represented as a DOM, XMLNode, or against an XMLInputStream. 

Uses of StartElement in weblogic.xml.schema.binding

Methods in weblogic.xml.schema.binding that return StartElement
protected static StartElement CodecBase.getNextStartElement(XMLInputStream reader)
protected static StartElement CodecBase.getNextStartElement(XMLInputStream reader, boolean eat_end_elem)

Methods in weblogic.xml.schema.binding with parameters of type StartElement
static boolean RuntimeUtils.checkForXsiNil(StartElement start_elem)
static XMLName RuntimeUtils.getXsiType(StartElement start_elem)
          returns null if no xsi:type as found
protected static String CodecBase.checkForRef(StartElement start_elem)
          check for a href attribute.
protected static String CodecBase.checkForId(StartElement start_elem)
protected  Object BeanCodecBase.smartCreateObject(StartElement start_elem, weblogic.xml.schema.binding.DeserializationContext context)
protected  void BeanCodecBase.processAttributes(Object obj, StartElement start_elem, weblogic.xml.schema.binding.DeserializationContext context)

Uses of StartElement in

Methods in that return StartElement
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(String namespaceURI, String localName, String prefix)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(String namespaceUri, String localName)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(String localName)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(XMLName name)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(XMLName name, AttributeIterator attributes)
static StartElement ElementFactory.createStartElement(XMLName name, AttributeIterator attributes, AttributeIterator namespaces)

Uses of StartElement in weblogic.xml.xpath

Methods in weblogic.xml.xpath with parameters of type StartElement
 void XPathStreamObserver.observeAttribute(StartElement event, Attribute attribute)
          Handles notification when an XMLEvent is encountered on the stream which contains an attribute meets the criteria with which the observer was installed in the XPathStreamFactory.
 void XPathStreamObserver.observeNamespace(StartElement event, Attribute attribute)

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