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Configuring and Managing WebLogic Store-and-Forward

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Introduction and Roadmap

Document Scope and Audience

Guide to This Document

Related Documentation

Samples and Tutorials for the System Administrator

Avitek Medical Records Application (MedRec) and Tutorials

Examples in the WebLogic Server Distribution

Examples Available for Download

Understanding the Store-and-Forward Service

The WebLogic SAF Environment

The SAF Service

SAF Service Agents

SAF Agent Configuration Parameters

Persistent Store Rules When Targeting SAF Agents to a Cluster

Using SAF with WebLogic JMS

Using SAF with Web Services Reliable Messaging

When to Use the SAF Service

Configuring a Basic SAF Service

Designing SAF Agents

Setting a Message Time-To-Live Duration and Message Delivery Failure Policy

Logging Failed Message Deliveries

Setting Delivery Retry Attempts

Using Message Quotas, Thresholds, and Paging

Boot-Time Recovery

SAF Service Migration

Configuring SAF for JMS Messages

SAF Resources In a JMS Module

SAF Destinations

SAF Remote Context

SAF Error Handling

Creating JMS SAF Resources

Main Steps to Configure SAF In a JMS Module

Designing SAF for JMS Messages

Selecting a Quality-of-Service (QOS) Level

How SAF Handles Delivery Modes

Using Message Unit-of-Order

Transactional Messages

Message Compression Across SAF Boundaries

SAF to a Distributed Destination

Using the JMSReplyTo Field with SAF

Securing JMS Messages

Monitoring and Managing SAF Agents

Monitoring SAF Agents

Managing Message Operations on SAF Agents

Troubleshooting WebLogic SAF

Frequently Asked Questions About JMS SAF


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