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Developing Web Applications, Servlets, and JSPs for WebLogic Server

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Web Application Best Practices

The following sections contain BEA best practices for designing, developing, and deploying WebLogic Web applications and application resources:


CGI Best Practices

The following are CGI best practices with respect to calling a subscript:


Servlet Best Practices

Consider the following best practices when writing HTTP servlets:


JSP Best Practices

For a complete explanation on how to avoid JSP recompilation, see Avoiding Unnecessary JSP Compilation and specifically the section called Scenarios that Cause Recompilation of JSPs.


Best Practice When Subclassing ServletResponseWrapper

J2EE provides the class javax.servlet.ServletResponseWrapper, which you can subclass in your Servlet to adapt its response.

BEA recommends that if you create your own response wrapper by subclassing the ServletResponseWrapper class, you should always override the flushBuffer() and clearBuffer() methods. Not doing so might result in the response being committed prematurely.


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