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Diagnostic Modules: Notification Configuration: SMTP Properties

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Use this page to define properties for this SMTP notification.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Mail Session Name

The JNDI name of the mail session. This name must match the attribute in the corresponding MailSessionMBean.

MBean Attribute:

E-mail Recipients

The address of the recipient or recipients of the SMTP notification mail. The address uses the syntax defined in RFC822. Typical address syntax is of the form user@host.domain or Personal Name. An address can include multiple recipients, separated by commas or spaces.

For more information, refer to the javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress.parse method.

MBean Attribute:

E-mail Subject

The subject for the mail message. If the subject is not specified, a subject is created from the watch notification information.

MBean Attribute:

E-Mail Body

The body for the mail message. If the body is not specified, a body is created from the watch notification information.

MBean Attribute:

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