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Exported Services: General

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Use this page to define the exported services configuration for a local Tuxedo access point that will be used with this WTC Service.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Resource Name

The name used to identify an exported service.

This name must be unique within defined Exports. This allows you to define unique configurations having the same Remote Name.

MBean Attribute:

Local Access Point

The name of the local access point that exports this service.

MBean Attribute:

EJB Name

The complete name of the EJB home interface to use when invoking a service.

If not specified, the default interface used is For example: If the service being invoked is TOUPPER and EJBName attribute is not specified, the home interface looked up in JNDI would be

MBean Attribute:

Remote Name

The remote name of this service.

If not specified, the ResourceName attribute is used.

MBean Attribute:

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