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SAML Credential Mapping Provider V2: Migration: Export

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This page allows you to export users and groups from this security provider's database to a file.

Configuration Options

Name Description
Export Format

The format for exporting this SAML Credential Mapper Version 2 provider specific data.

The supported formats are:

  • XML Partner Registry: An xml format defined by the SAML partner registry schema
  • JKS Key Store: A key store file format for importing and exporting partner certificates only
  • LDIF template: LDIF format
Export File on Server

The full path to the filename used to write data.

Supported Export Constraints

The list of constraints that can be used when exporting data.

The supported constraints are:

  • partners: which partners to export. Values are all, none, list, enabled, disabled.
  • certificates: which certificates to export. Values are all, none, list, referenced.
  • password: how to export the password attributes. Value is cleartext. If cleartext is not specified, passwords will be exported in encrypted format.
Export Constraints (key=value)

The constraints to be used when exporting data.

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